Senior Portraits:

Senior portraits must be taken at LifeTouch (Prestige Portraits) in Summerville.  Only pictures by Prestige will be guaranteed to appear in the yearbook. You are not required to purchase your portraits from LifeTouch (and are free to use from any photographer you like), but we strongly suggest using Lifetouch. Call 843-851-8700 today to schedule an appointment.

NOTE: You DO NOT need to bring senior pictures to Mr. Roller; LifeTouch gives us each senior’s yearbook portrait digitally.

Senior Portraits should be taken by Lifetouch by October 27.

Verifying Your Portrait/Name Spelling: You must come to room 109 to verify the pose you want (blue background only), and to verify the correct spelling of your name. This will be done by viewing your photos online and can be done about two weeks after your photo is taken. If not verified, we cannot guarantee your photo will be printed in the book or, if it is, that the photo is the correct photo or that your name will be spelled correctly. This is your responsibility.

Verification must be complete by Nov. 30

Parent Ads:

Parent Ads are due by Jan. 25 at full price. Parent ads submitted by the early deadline (Dec. 7) will receive a discount.


If you’d rather let someone else create your ad for you, we have just the people for the job. All parent ads are designed and processed by Lowcountry Yearbook Solutions to assure your ad is as you want it and so that your materials are promptly returned. Download BOTH of the forms below and send your payment, forms, and materials to Lowcountry Yearbook Solutions by the appropriate deadline.

SizeDecember 7January 25
Full page$290$320
Half page$160$180
Quarter page$95$110
Eighth page$65$85

Parent Ads Due Dec 7 for Discount; Jan. 25 for full price

Baby Pictures: Only Upload 1 Please

UPDATE: The ReplayIt app is now functioning properly and can be used to upload baby pictures (and other pictures, spirit week, sports, etc.). Just in case, here is another way to get your baby photos to us. Just click this link, enter 410693673 as your User ID, and upload via Jostens Image Share.

Seniors need to upload their baby pictures to or by using the ReplayIt app, available for free in your app store. (Click link below to get the app from your App Store)

We are no longer taking physical photos. You must upload them to or with the ReplayIt app. This is most simple with your phone: open the app, take a good photo of your baby picture (avoid glare), and upload.

We only need and want one photo. Pick your best and upload that one. Make sure to include your name and email on the upload form so we know who that baby is.

“Baby Pictures” can be from any young age from baby to toddler to elementary school, but generally the younger the better.

As always, feel free to drop by room 109 and ask Mr. Roller if you have any questions.

Baby Pictures must be uploaded by October 14.

Senior Quotes:

UPDATE Because of the hurricane, we have changed the due date to October 14

Seniors need to submit their quote on the form found below.

The quote should be no longer than 20-25 words in length. Those too long may have to be edited to fit.

Quotes must be submitted by October 14.