Here is everything you need to know (for yearbook) as a 2018 Senior:

(and click here to download the Senior Info Sheet)

Senior Portraits:

Senior portraits must be taken at LifeTouch (Prestige Portraits) in Summerville.  Only pictures taken by Prestige will be guaranteed to appear in the yearbook. You are not required to purchase your portraits from LifeTouch (and are free to purchase from any photographer you like), but we strongly suggest using Lifetouch.

NOTE: You do NOT need to bring your senior pictures to Mr. Roller; LifeTouch gives us the yearbook portraits on DVD.

Call 851-0009 today to schedule an appointment. 

Senior Portraits must be taken by Lifetouch by October 6.

Verifying Your Portrait: You must come to room 109 to verify the pose you want (blue background only), and to verify the correct spelling of your name. This will be done by viewing your photos online and can be done about two weeks after your photo is taken.

Pose must be chosen by Oct. 20

Senior Parent Ads:

Parent Ads are due by Jan. 26 at full price. Parent ads submitted by the early deadline (Dec. 1) will receive a discount.

Click to download: You will need BOTH forms:

Senior Parent Ad Templates

Parent Ad Order Form



Baby Pictures:

Seniors need to upload their baby pictures to  We are no longer taking physical photos.

This is very easy using the ReplayIt app which you can download from your app store. Simply open the app,  take a photo with your phone’s camera, and upload. It will go right to us.

If you’d prefer a different method, you can use the website

Watch this video to see all the proper steps:

(NOTE: In the video, I will say there will be a Baby category that I will make later; this actually was not possible at the time. Just make sure the senior’s name is entered with the upload and all will be well.)



Baby pictures must be uploaded to RePlayIt by September 8.

Senior Quotes: (Due Sept 8)

Seniors need to write their quote in the form below.  The quote must be 20-25 words in length. Those over may have to be edited to fit.