Fort Dorchester Yearbook Store Helps Make Products More Affordable

FDHS yearbook is proud to create great products for our community. We regularly produce award winning yearbooks for our students and their families to enjoy for years.

It is our goal to make these products affordable, and we do many things to help keep the price of the yearbook down. You can read more about that here, but suffice it to say that in 2014 we paid $113 per book published. Many of you paid only $70 for the book and no one paid more than $85 (unless you added features).  That’s because we worked so hard throughout the year to help keep down the price our students have to pay.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have worked hard to find yet another way to make our product more affordable.

We now offer several payment options.

1) You can pay in full today, saving by taking advantage of any discounts that are currently available.

2) You can pay in 4 easy payments. This will divided the total cost into 4 equal payments. Each payment is made once per month over the next several months.

Option A: Begin your payment today and finish paying over the next three months (4 total payments)

Option B: Order now, begin paying one month from now. Same as Option A, except you don’t begin your payments until one month from the day you place your order.

3) Bill Me Later™: This option will become available during the checkout process. You can choose this option and pay nothing for 6 months or pay the full amount in the next six months with no interest added. (Only available on orders of $99 or more.)

Transactions are handled via PayPal. Customers can use their credit/debit cards or pay via their PayPal accounts.

Ways to Order Your Yearbook

Ordering on our Website

You can purchase your yearbook via our web store.

We opened our store for one reason: to help make the yearbook more affordable.  More than anyone, we know that yearbooks can be an expensive purchase for many of our students. We wanted to help ease that concern.

If you order on our website, you now have options, pay in full or pay in installments:

  • pay it all now
  • pay equal payments over the next 4 months
  • pay nothing now; wait one month before beginning a series of 4 equal payments
  • Bill Me Later™ is also available during the checkout process; it requires a short application and allows option for no payments for 6 months or option to pay over the balance with no interest within 6 months (this option is also available when checking out via Jostens website)

Note: Discounts are only available when you pay in full on checkout. The installment payments are only available for the full, final price of the products we sell; no discounts.

Order Via Jostens Website

The easiest, most error-free way to place your order is via Jostens’ website. In fact, this is the way we would prefer you purchase your book.

Jostens’ website allows you to order direct. Purchasing at Jostens enters your order directly into their system. Purchases made at the Fort require student entry. And while we are very vigilant about this process, no process is perfect.

So, in a sense, this is the safest way to order, as you can be certain your order is in the system exactly how you want it.

There is time to order online up until a couple of weeks before distribution. Once the system is set up at the beginning of each school year, you typically have only until early-mid April to place your order, assuming we don’t sell out earlier. (We have to place our order in February, so there is a limited number available for purchase afterwards. In 2014, we sold out of yearbooks, leaving many who wanted one without a yearbook….so order early!)

Ordering with Jostens saves us the work of entering the information, and you can rest assured knowing your order is correct.

Order During Registration

Every year during registration (fact and fees day), you have the opportunity to purchase your student(s) a yearbook.

All you have to do is tell the person assisting you to mark it on your form. The cost during registration is discounted to the lowest point of the year; after registration, the price begins to rise. At this time, you may pay cash or write a check or use a credit card.

If you complete registration online, there is also an opportunity to order a yearbook at that time.

In Room 109

While we encourage you to purchase online, we will accept payment in room 109 at any time.

We are able to accept credit/debit, cash, or checks on campus. Make checks out to FDHS. Please put your student’s name on the “For” line of the check.

But again, do us all a favor and order your yearbook online.