Fort Dorchester 2015 Senior Superlative Most Spirited

2015 Senior Superlative Nominees

Fort Dorchester 2015 Senior Superlative Most Spirited

Fort Dorchester 2015 Senior Superlative Most Spirited

Senior superlative nominees were photographed today in the auditorium. Lifetouch came on campus and photographed the pairs and the groups throughout the day in the auditorium.  Since the actual vote has not taken place yet, we had to photograph every possible winning combination.
Final voting will take place later this year.

All the images can be found here:

2015 Senior Superlative Nominees

Most Popular

Most Popular



Ivey Spellman Billy Grubbs
Mikal Hathaway Dwayne Pierce
Lydia Robinson Gabe Silveira


Best All Around

Best All Around



Brittany Benjamin Dwayne Pierce
Randi Moultrie Daniel Finley
Jennifer Reh Jacob Fladd






Zainab Hussain Natrawn Maxwell
Megan Fisher EJ Hazzard
Asia Riviere Benjamin Simmons
Thalia Thomas Jacob Fladd


Best Dressed

Best Dressed



Logan Bacsal Paul Pena
Brianna Cunningham James Mackey
Daishira Sanders Blake Blackshear


Class Clown

Class Clown



Lauren Dalrymple Josh Cliff
Joi Robinson Joey Young
Joya Lindsey Jordan Miller
Leon Fields


Most Spirited

Most Spirited



Alexis O’Hara Justin Woods
Mikal Hathaway Josh Smith
Hannah Fleming Hersh Patel
Danielle Kilcullen


Most Talented

Most Talented



Garrett Larson Sarah Nichols
Brandon Parker Ashala Coleman
Natrawn Maxwell Mary Norris
Braxton Barnett


Biggest Flirt

Biggest Flirt



Ramiro Murguia Ellie Saenz
Wanyae Fludd Star Buckley
Garrett Larson Lisa McGill
Viktoriya Zlateva


Most Likely to Succeed

Most Likely to Succeed



Samaher Radwan Hersh Patel
Emily Fisher Jacob Fladd
Jenny Reh Leroy Bennett


Most Athletic

Most Athletic

Girls Guys
Amanda Gluck Kobe Garrett
Monica Mack Koh Matsumoto
Madison McDowell Eurndraus Bryant
Alicia Ward


Best Smile

Best Smile

Girls Guys
Danielle Kilcullen James Mackey
Lydia Robinson Jack Stasek
Daishira Sanders Kobe Garrett
Allison Boeding Natrawn Maxwell


Best Looking

Best Looking

Girls Guys
Katie Schneider Gabe Silveira
Viktoriya Zlateva Jack Stasek
Madison Shaffer Jesse Cruz
Madison Ferguson
Ginsely Garcia


Most Original

Most Original

Girls Guys
Khabonina Beresford Anderson Cardozo
Brianna Cunningham Natrawn Maxwell
Bianca Lapaz Dwayne Pierce


Best Personality

Best Personality

Girl Guys
Danielle Kilcullen Avery McKnight
Shilyn Simmons Billy Grubbs
Alexis Washington Koh Matsumoto
Randi Moultrie Dwayne Pierce
Daniel Finley
2015 FDHS Savings Card Back

2015 Savings Cards Are Here

To find information on the latest edition of the FDHS Savings Card, click on this link.

FDHS’s annual Savings Card is now available for the 2015 school year. Order online now.

This year’s card features discount offers from 20 local businesses. These offers include 10% off, 15% off, Buy One, Get One Free, and free items with your purchase.

“The great thing about our card is a number of things, actually,” said James Roller, FDHS’s yearbook adviser.

“First, it is a card and not some stupid booklet that you have to carry around with you. The card simply slips into your wallet or purse and is always with you.”

“What is the best coupon? It is the one you have with you when you need it. That’s what’s best about our Savings Card; you always have it with you,” Roller continued.

“In addition, our discount offers aren’t one-and-done, and they last for an entire year! You can use them every single day at every single place we have listed until next September.”

“So you get a card that you can always have with you that gives you discount offers you can use every day at 20 places for an entire school year. What is better than that?” Roller concluded. “And they’re great places we all visit regularly anyway!”

The 2015 edition of the Savings Card includes the following offers. If you like what you see, you can order online and have the card mailed to you, purchase at school in the front office, or send a student by to purchase one from Mr. Roller in room 109.

Señor Tequila 9730 Dorchester Rd $5 off dinner or $3.50  off lunch
Los Reyes 5117 Ashley Phosphate Rd 10% off any purchase
TCBY 9514 Dorchester Rd. 10% off any purchase
Sonic Drive In 9920 Dorchester Rd. Buy 1 Sonic Burger at regular price, get 1 FREE
IHOP 7996 Dorchester Rd. 10% off any purchase
Burger King 5125 Ashley Phosphate 10% off any purchase
Jet’s Pizza 5325 Park Forest, Suite D 10% off any purchase (N. Charleston location only)
Domino’s Pizza 8530 Dorchester Rd FREE CinnaStix with purchase of Large Pizza at reg. price
Ladles Soups – Coosaw Store 8600 Dorchester Rd. Suite 101 FREE drink with any combo purchase
Wendy’s 4906 Ashley Phosphate Rd 10% off any purchase
Abbie’s Bakery 10050 Dorchester Rd. Buy one, get one FREE  (storefront items only)
Steel City Pizza 8600 Dorchester Rd. 10% off any purchase
Popeye’s 8427 Dorchester Rd. 10% off any purchase
Raising Cane’s N. Charleston & Mt Pleasant Buy any combo, get a combo FREE (equal or lesser value) 5 pm – close; N. Charleston or Mt. Pleasant
CiCi’s Pizza W. Ashley, N. Charleston,  and Mt. Pleasant Buy one adult buffet; get 2nd buffet for 3.99

(Valid at W. Ashley, N. Chas., and Mt. Pleasant locations)

La Hacienda 8530 Dorchester Rd 10% off any purchase
Zaxby’s 8419 Dorchester Rd. 10% off any purchase
Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins 8507 Dorchester Rd. Buy 6 Donuts at regular price, Get 6 Donuts FREE
Dairy Queen 1525 Old Trolley Rd. Buy a Cone at reg. price, Get Cone FREE
Grand Buffet – Tanger Outlet 4950 Centre Pointe Dr.

Tanger Outlet

15% off any purchase


Hey, if you like this offer, help us spread the word. Just click the image below or use the sharing buttons farther down.

Tweet: Hey, the 2015 FDHS Savings card is now available, with 20 great discount offers. Order yours today at school or at

Links to My Other Websites

I publish several sites. These are the sites I currently publish are am working on.

Yearbook Unlimited is a website dedicated to helping schools incorporate QR codes into their yearbooks.

SC Elite is a travel baseball team my son, Camden Roller, pitches for. It is a showcase quality travel team made up primarily of kids from the Mount Pleasant area.

Lowcountry Yearbook Solutions is a website I run for my yearbook rep, John Bumgarner. It is primarily dedicated to providing information about parent ads.

Destination: BBQ is a blog my family and I where we review restaurants on the SC Barbecue Trail, have a calendar of SC BBQ festivals and competitions, show video profiles of SC BBQ pit masters, provide a download of the SC BBQ Trail Map and much more. is a crowdfunding website designed for school groups to complete fundraisers that I am currently working on and will be piloting this year. It should be ready for public use in the 2015-2016 school year. is the Fort Dorchester yearbook site. I am the yearbook adviser at FDHS. is an idea I have for a new website teaching people how to make their own hot sauce. The how sauce I make and is loved by all my friends is modeled after the Tabasco brand.

All of these are (or soon will be) hosted by Hostgator.

All you need to know.

All You Need to Know for 2015

• 2015 FDHS Savings Card: Available now. See this page for more details. Or order now.

• 4 Easy Payments: You can now purchase yearbooks or ads using our new installment plans. Bill Me Later™ will be an option on purchases over $99. Visit our store for more information.
• All you need to know for 2015 —
Download this Information Sheet — includes basic info on everything: picture days, book prices, advertising, and more
Download Senior Info Sheet
Download 2015 Business Ad Info
Download Parent Ad Order Form
Business Ads — We are now offering many more advertising options than traditional yearbook ads. Now you can advertise on our websites, on our in-house TV system, and even on the Jumbotron. Learn about all these options here.
Parent Ads — Kids love to see special messages to them in the yearbook. Order early and save. Download parent ad forms here.
•QR Codes — What are they and how are we are using them. Find out more here.
•Here is a page where Mr. Roller details his yearbook staff’s experience adding QR codes to the school yearbook: Yearbook QR Codes
Tagged Tees, an online store, is a collaboration of designers who are affiliated with Fort Dorchester High School. Tagged Tees offers a variety of designs, including Fort Dorchester shirts, posters, and more. Tagged Tees is looking to include other designers/artists affiliated with Fort Dorchester. To learn more, see the information at Tagged Tees.

Fort Dorchester Jumbotron

On Campus Advertising Options

Yearbook Ads

A traditional and important way to support the school is with yearbook advertising. Yearbook ads aren’t simply thrown away like those in newspapers and magazines. They last a lifetime and longer. It is a great way to get your message out in a form that will be seen today and tomorrow.

Fort Dorchester Business Ads

Fort Dorchester Business Ads


  • Full Page: $350
  • Half Page: $200
  • Quarter Page: $125
  • Business Card: $75
  • Patriot Sponsor: $70 (Company recognized in the book & a FREE yearbook given to a deserving student nominated by the faculty.)


Website Ads

We are now offering business ads on The yearbook website historically averages over 10,000 hits per year. Between parents wanting the latest information and students wanting to see yearbook photos, the site is busy.

As of this writing, we are exploring the ability to include banner ads on Fort Dorchester’s home page. Given the nature of the software used to run the site, it may not be feasible. If so, website ads will run on both and FDHS’s primary site.

If not, anyone purchasing website ads will be listed on a “Support our Sponsors” page on the school’s main site, on which each supporter will be able to include graphics, contact information, offer discounts or coupons, link to your own online presence, and anything else we can provide.

Summerville Ford


  • Annual: $400
  • Half Year: $200
  • Monthly: $40


Jumbotron Ads

There are 5 different packages available for advertising on the during FDHS sporting events; however, the number of advertisers is limited for some of the packages due to space availability. See the Jumbotron in action below:

Choose from among the following packages:

  • Anchor Level: $10K (limited to 12 advertisers)
  • Founding Level: $5K (limited to 12 advertisers)
  • Premier Level: $2.5K
  • Corporate Level: $1k
  • Corporate Level: $500

Download for details of each package: FDHS Package Options

Contact us for more information.


FDHS’s Internal TV System

FDHS is running a digital signage solution via the school’s integrated TV system. This system runs all day in the public areas. There is an option available that teachers can show via SmartBoards in the classroom as well.

  • System runs on a one-hour loop.
  • Each advertisement on the main page will be set among a series of ads that rotate at least once per minute; therefore, each will be seen multiple times per hour
  • Each full-screen advertisement will show at least once per hour.
  • Advertisers can replace any running ad with a new one at no additional charge.


  • Rotating Logo Ads: $25/month or $250 annually
  • Full Screen Ads: $50/month or $500 annually
  • Discounts on Package Deals

We offer discounted package deals to advertisers wishing to select options from more than one of the options above. For instance, if an advertiser wishes to place an ad on the Jumbotron and on the TV system, that advertiser will get a reduced rate on the total of each of the options he or she selects.


  • Silver: advertise in any 2 of the options — 5% off total
  • Red: advertise in any 3 of the options — 10% off total
  • Blue: advertise in any 4 of the options — 15% off total

Fort Dorchester Yearbook Store Helps Make Products More Affordable

FDHS yearbook is proud to create great products for our community. We regularly produce award winning yearbooks for our students and their families to enjoy for years.

It is our goal to make these products affordable, and we do many things to help keep the price of the yearbook down. You can read more about that here, but suffice it to say that in 2014 we paid $113 per book published. Many of you paid only $70 for the book and no one paid more than $85 (unless you added features).  That’s because we worked so hard throughout the year to help keep down the price our students have to pay.

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have worked hard to find yet another way to make our product more affordable.

We now offer several payment options.

1) You can pay in full today, saving by taking advantage of any discounts that are currently available.

2) You can pay in 4 easy payments. This will divided the total cost into 4 equal payments. Each payment is made once per month over the next several months.

Option A: Begin your payment today and finish paying over the next three months (4 total payments)

Option B: Order now, begin paying one month from now. Same as Option A, except you don’t begin your payments until one month from the day you place your order.

3) Bill Me Later™: This option will become available during the checkout process. You can choose this option and pay nothing for 6 months or pay the full amount in the next six months with no interest added. (Only available on orders of $99 or more.)

Transactions are handled via PayPal. Customers can use their credit/debit cards or pay via their PayPal accounts.

Ways to Order Your Yearbook

Ordering on our Website

You can purchase your yearbook via our web store.

We opened our store for one reason: to help make the yearbook more affordable.  More than anyone, we know that yearbooks can be an expensive purchase for many of our students. We wanted to help ease that concern.

If you order on our website, you now have options, pay in full or pay in installments:

  • pay it all now
  • pay equal payments over the next 4 months
  • pay nothing now; wait one month before beginning a series of 4 equal payments
  • Bill Me Later™ is also available during the checkout process; it requires a short application and allows option for no payments for 6 months or option to pay over the balance with no interest within 6 months (this option is also available when checking out via Jostens website)

Note: Discounts are only available when you pay in full on checkout. The installment payments are only available for the full, final price of the products we sell; no discounts.

Order Via Jostens Website

The easiest, most error-free way to place your order is via Jostens’ website. In fact, this is the way we would prefer you purchase your book.

Jostens’ website allows you to order direct. Purchasing at Jostens enters your order directly into their system. Purchases made at the Fort require student entry. And while we are very vigilant about this process, no process is perfect.

So, in a sense, this is the safest way to order, as you can be certain your order is in the system exactly how you want it.

There is time to order online up until a couple of weeks before distribution. Once the system is set up at the beginning of each school year, you typically have only until early-mid April to place your order, assuming we don’t sell out earlier. (We have to place our order in February, so there is a limited number available for purchase afterwards. In 2014, we sold out of yearbooks, leaving many who wanted one without a yearbook….so order early!)

Ordering with Jostens saves us the work of entering the information, and you can rest assured knowing your order is correct.

Order During Registration

Every year during registration (fact and fees day), you have the opportunity to purchase your student(s) a yearbook.

All you have to do is tell the person assisting you to mark it on your form. The cost during registration is discounted to the lowest point of the year; after registration, the price begins to rise. At this time, you may pay cash or write a check or use a credit card.

If you complete registration online, there is also an opportunity to order a yearbook at that time.

In Room 109

While we encourage you to purchase online, we will accept payment in room 109 at any time.

We are able to accept credit/debit, cash, or checks on campus. Make checks out to FDHS. Please put your student’s name on the “For” line of the check.

But again, do us all a favor and order your yearbook online.

YourBook: Helping Worthy Students In Need Get a Yearbook

This year, the yearbook staff is trying to continue a program aimed at providing deserving students with a yearbook.

I have contacted the faculty asking them to identify worthy students who deserve to have a yearbook but simply cannot afford one. This is not a general aid program, but rather one designed to put yearbooks in the hands of good kids caught in a difficult situation.

Here is the first response I ever received to my request:

If you can’t give a yearbook to (name omitted) out of your “needy student” fund, I will probably buy her one myself.   Last spring, (name omitted) moved out of her parents’ home.  As her grandmother would tell you, she was raising her parents rather than the other way around and it was the best decision for her to make.  She moved in with a friend and stayed there until November, when she really felt she needed her own space.  Her grandmother and aunt arranged, long-distance, for her to have an apartment and the IB teachers helped her furnish it with things we found in our garages. 

During her entire senior year, (name omitted) has lived on her own, in her apartment, with no means of transportation, no medical insurance, and, rarely, groceries (when her teachers pooled together money to get them for her from time to time.)  Her grandmother comes to stay with her from New York for a few weeks, then leaves for a few months to take care of her own family, then comes back as she can.  (name omitted) has had few of the advantages that most kids have their senior years.  She spent the is weekend in the hospital with a severe infection, probably the result of an upper respiratory infection she has had off and on all year, but with no medical insurance nor money nor means of transportation to see a physician, she has had no choice but to just be sick. 

Her grandmother just called me and told me that she took her to the doctor on Friday, then to the ER on Saturday night.  Hopefully, she will recover enough to do well on her IB exams.  She was accepted to Converse College and has just about enough scholarship and loan to cover her expenses, but she is already stressing out about being homeless this summer after her apartment lease runs out in June.  For this poor kid, it’s just one thing after another. 

Most other kids in her position would have just given up on school, found a job, and managed to survive badly.  (name omitted) wanted to stay in school, continue to work toward an IB diploma, and has managed to do so despite some of the saddest circumstances I have ever seen.  I think she probably is needy enough.   

This is just one of many such stories.

We could, of course, turn our back on such students, but we thought there might be a better option.  So, we have decided to reach out for help from local businesses or community members who we think might be in a position to offer a bit of happiness to those in need.

Yearbooks currently cost $85.  However, we are willing to sell the books at a reduced price to businesses or individuals interested in donating them to the students our staff has identified. The cost per donation would only be $70.   In addition to a reduced price, at your request, we will add a sticker inside the front cover of the book indicating the book was compliments of you or your business.

Finally, we will publish information about your generosity on our website (unless you would prefer to remain anonymous), including linking to your site.   If this is a project you would like to help us with or know someone who would be willing to assist, please contact me.

QR Codes in the Yearbook

We are very excited to announce that we will be including QR codes in the 2011 Patriot yearbook.

First, it is important to understand what these codes are and how they work. QR codes are simple two-dimensional barcodes that can be read by a phone with a camera and a reader application, or a desktop computer with a web camera and the appropriate software. There are a few readers that we recommend. I will put links to those at the end of this article.

By using your phone or web cam to scan a code, new information will be revealed. In our case, the codes are most often being used to add content to our yearbook in the form of videos or slideshows. However, some codes take you to webpages. They can also be used for many other things. We knew about them last year, but were uncertain how to implement them properly in the book.

In doing our research earlier this year, we partnered with a company by the name of Yearbook Unlimited. They have helped us not only understand the pitfalls of adding QR codes to this yearbook, but also helped us recognize the power of using them. Yearbook Unlimited has held our hand through the process, and that is how we were able to implement them in this year’s book.

As to why we chose to implement them, I think that will be evident once the book is in your hands. Imagine, for example, you’re thumbing through the book and you come to the Halloween Hoot page. Wouldn’t it be great not only to see the photos but also to watch the video of the event?

Before, you would have to get out the DVD, find a television with a DVD player, and find the video on the DVD. Now, all you have to do is scan the code on that page. Boom! You’re watching the Halloween Hoot video. It is the perfect complement to the material printed on the page. It brings you right into another dimension that we were never able to provide before.

As a result, we will be phasing out the use of DVDs in the yearbook. This year and next year, we will still produce a DVD, but we will not include one in every book. Anyone who would like a copy is welcome to come pick one up from room 109 after the book is distributed.

As smartphones become more ubiquitous, QR Codes are a technology you will begin to see everywhere. The Fort Dorchester Patriot yearbook staff, with the help of Yearbook Unlimited, is happy to be on the cutting edge of this new technology. We hope you will love it as much as we do.

Here are the readers we recommend:



  •  i-nimga — probably the most widespread reader worldwide
  • Scanlife — comes pre-installed on many phones
  • Qrafter — a new one that has interesting features


QRreader — only computer reader we’ve tried; works well
However, you have to have Adobe AIR installed (free):

Here is a page where Mr. Roller details his yearbook staff’s experience adding QR codes to the school yearbook:

Yearbook QR Codes