Parent Ads: What You Need to Know

First and foremost, the thing you need to know is that the yearbook staff does not handle parent ads. All parent ads are handled by Lowcountry Yearbook Solutions. We contract this important job out to them so that you can be sure the job is done right. Parent ads are too important for there to be a mistake, and LYS offers you the opportunity to proof your ad before it goes to print, so you can be sure it is right.

Basic Process

  • Check out the order form and decide which size ad you would like; we offer full, half, quarter, and eighth pages.
  • Choose the template (layout) you like for the size ad you choose; see option on order form
  • Gather your photos (one for each photo box in the layout you’ve chosen);
  • Type a personal message
  • Submit all materials (order form, photos, message) to LYS by the deadline
  • Pay for ad. (There are discounts for ordering early. Pay by mail via check, money order, or credit/debit.)
  • Celebrate with your student when the book arrives!

Order Form

See this page for parent ad order form and ad templates.

Create and Purchase Parent Ads Online Instead!

Now you can create your ad yourself on Jostens’ website.

Good Things to Know

  • Care will be taken to return photos; however, copies of prints should be submitted for irreplaceable photos. The school, yearbook staff or Lowcountry Yearbook Solutions does not take responsibility for lost or damaged photos.
  • Select vertical (tall) photos for vertical spaces and horizontal (wide) photos for horizontal spaces.
  • Photos will be scanned and enlarged or reduced to fit the layout.
  • If you wish to have your photos returned, you must provide a stamped, pre-addressed envelope with enough postage to guarantee delivery.
  • Writing lightly in pencil, number the back of photos to match the numbers on the design you selected.
  • You can submit your own design. By choosing “custom,” you are designing an ad different than the templates provided. You need to draw out on paper the way you want the ad to look, including the placement of text. Number the squares on your layout and number the photos (on the back in pencil) you are submitting to correspond to the correct photo box. We will create your ad for you based on your sketch and instructions. Please add the $30 custom fee to your total.
  • Please submit your typed or legibly printed text in a plain font on white paper and the appropriate number of photos by the deadline.
  • Please number the photos as you would like for them to appear and put your student’s name on the back of each in pencil.
  • Please do not fold or cut photos.We will reduce or enlarge the photos as necessary to fit.
  • Please do not send PROOFS from the photographer. We will not be able to use them.
  • For all ads, a solid color background will be chosen to accent and complement the content of the ad. If you have a preference on a background color, please indicate that color on your order form.

NOTE: The yearbook staff and Lowcountry Yearbook Solutions reserve the right to reject photos or text or ask the customer to make changes to conform to the staff’s standards. The content of the ads and the ad copy must be appropriate for a school publication and must not violate copyright laws.

Frequently Asked Questions

•Do my photos have to be the same size as the templates?
No. We can scan and digitize each photo; therefore we are able to reduce or enlarge the photos. Please send vertical photos for taller photo boxes and horizontal photos for wider photo boxes.

•How much text can I have?
Based on the template, submit text equal to the number of lines on the template. If your text does not fit, we will use a smaller font or slightly resize the photos to make it fit.

•How can indicate which photo I want to go where?
Please write the number from the photo box lightly in pencil on the back of the photo as well as your student’s last name.

•Do I have to type my text?
We want to do everything possible to get your ad correct. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of handwritten text due to various styles of handwriting. Please do not type in all caps unless you wish your message to appear in all caps.

•Will my ad be in color or black and white?
That depends on what types of ads your school offers. Please see the order form for details.

•Must I choose from one of the pre-designed formats?
Yes. Due to the quantity of ads received, we cannot customize each one. If you prefer a more personalized ad, you may submit your artwork camera-ready or request a custom ad for an additional fee.

•What does “camera-ready” mean?
Camera-ready means that the ad is done exactly as it is to be seen in the book. Photos and text will all be pasted down. Camera ready ads will be scanned in exactly as they are submitted and must be submitted to size.

•Can I submit my ad on disk (digitally)?
This is not recommended. You may submit electronic files with the following specifications: photos or complete ads may be submitted as actual size tiff or jpeg files with a minimum resolution of 300dpi. Color ads must be saved as CMYK and black and white ads must be saved in grayscale. We are unable to accept any files done in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, or any other desktop publishing program with the exception of Adobe Pagemaker or InDesign. Pagemaker or InDesign files must also be done exact size with all links included. We can not accept files via email.

•Where does the money I am paying for this ad go?
Revenue from student ads goes to the school and the yearbook program. The yearbook is self-supporting and income from ads helps keep the book cost down for students.

•If the yearbook doesn’t come out until the end of the school year, why must my ad be submitted so early? And why do the prices increase each deadline?
The yearbook is generally created in pieces beginning in October and finished in a matter of five months. As time elapses and pages are submitted to the publisher, the actual price of each page in the book increases month by month.

•Must I submit all my ad materials at the time of payment?
Yes. Again, the price of the ad and the time the ad is submitted are interrelated.

•Why can’t I choose from more fonts?
Because fonts are owned and often the school, the customer and the publisher do not always own the same fonts, we can only offer the fonts shown on your order form.

•Can I cut my photos?
It is not recommended that you cut photos unless it is in the same shape as the template. If your photos are in unorthodox shapes, we will be unable to fit them in standard templates properly. In addition, for color ads, we will also be unable to use a color background with odd shaped photos.

•Can I send copies of my photos instead of originals?
Please do. As long as your copies are good quality, copies generally work as well as originals. But if a photo or copy is blurry, it will remain so in the yearbook.

•Will I receive my photos back?
Yes, but only if you enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with enough postage. You can expect to have them returned to you shortly after you proof and approve the ad.

•Will I see a proof of my ad?
Yes, but only if you send us an email address. As soon as your ad is complete, we will email you a proof. You will have 3 days to email us approval or corrections. If you wish to make a correction (other than our error) there will be a charge depending on the correction.