Yearbook Ads

The FDHS Yearbook staff offers several options for those wishing to include their message in the yearbook. Whether the message is from a company, a parent, or among friends, we have an option for you.

Parent Ads

Parent ads have long been one of those rites of passage every student looks forward to. Opening the yearbook from their high school years and seeing that special message just for them is something every child deserves.

The deadline for parent ads typically runs from October through December, with discounts given to those who order early.

Read Parent Ads: What You Need to Know to learn more.

Remember… order early and save!

See this page for Parent Ad Templates and Order Form.

Business Ads

Business ads have always been of the utmost importance in helping fund the publication of the yearbook. In fact, without our business partners, we could not afford to produce the book that we do, so we value those who support us.

We also provide value to those who advertise. In fact, we take this more seriously than most yearbook staffs. We have long run business ads among the senior and friendship ads. Also, we intersperse the index among these ads. Unlike other yearbook staffs in the area, we do not lump all the business ads together in a section students can and will simply ignore. Our advertisers can be confident that their message will be seen, and seen over the course of a lifetime.

Unlike newspapers, magazines, and websites, yearbooks are permanent and personal. As you know, students will carry these books with them over the course of their lives, returning to reminisce through the years. Your message will remain a part of that memory.

Take advantage of this opportunity. Business ad forms can be downloaded here (Fort Dorchester Yearbook Advertising Info)

Complete the form, and send it and your ad materials in before Christmas. While we may still be able to accept ads as late as early January, anything submitted before Thanksgiving is guaranteed to be in the yearbook.

Call the adviser, Jim Roller, at 552-2440 (ext. 263) if you have questions.

Friendship Ads

What if you could sign everybody’s yearbook? Sound crazy?

Not if you take out a “Friendship Ad.” This kind of recognition ad lets you publish fun things about your friends, and picture yourselves the way you want to be remembered in the yearbook.

It is easy to create your own ad. Maybe you have a snapshot of you really like of yourself posed with your best friend or group of friends. Bring us a copy of that photo and a message, poem, or a short lyric from your favorite song and we’ll make it shine on a page in the yearbook.

A “Friendship Ad” is a great way to leave a lasting impression of your own design for everyone to see. See Mr. Roller in room 109 for an order form.