On Campus Advertising Options

Yearbook Ads

A traditional and important way to support the school is with yearbook advertising. Yearbook ads aren’t simply thrown away like those in newspapers and magazines. They last a lifetime and longer. It is a great way to get your message out in a form that will be seen today and tomorrow.

Fort Dorchester Business Ads

Fort Dorchester Business Ads


  • Full Page: $350
  • Half Page: $200
  • Quarter Page: $125
  • Business Card: $75
  • Patriot Sponsor: $70 (Company recognized in the book & a FREE yearbook given to a deserving student nominated by the faculty.)


Website Ads

We are now offering business ads on fdhsyearbook.com. The yearbook website historically averages over 10,000 hits per year. Between parents wanting the latest information and students wanting to see yearbook photos, the site is busy.

As of this writing, we are exploring the ability to include banner ads on Fort Dorchester’s home page. Given the nature of the software used to run the site, it may not be feasible. If so, website ads will run on both fdhsyearbook.com and FDHS’s primary site.

If not, anyone purchasing website ads will be listed on a “Support our Sponsors” page on the school’s main site, on which each supporter will be able to include graphics, contact information, offer discounts or coupons, link to your own online presence, and anything else we can provide.

Summerville Ford


  • Annual: $400
  • Half Year: $200
  • Monthly: $40


Jumbotron Ads

There are 5 different packages available for advertising on the during FDHS sporting events; however, the number of advertisers is limited for some of the packages due to space availability. See the Jumbotron in action below:

Choose from among the following packages:

  • Anchor Level: $10K (limited to 12 advertisers)
  • Founding Level: $5K (limited to 12 advertisers)
  • Premier Level: $2.5K
  • Corporate Level: $1k
  • Corporate Level: $500

Download for details of each package: FDHS Package Options

Contact us for more information.


FDHS’s Internal TV System

FDHS is running a digital signage solution via the school’s integrated TV system. This system runs all day in the public areas. There is an option available that teachers can show via SmartBoards in the classroom as well.

  • System runs on a one-hour loop.
  • Each advertisement on the main page will be set among a series of ads that rotate at least once per minute; therefore, each will be seen multiple times per hour
  • Each full-screen advertisement will show at least once per hour.
  • Advertisers can replace any running ad with a new one at no additional charge.


  • Rotating Logo Ads: $25/month or $250 annually
  • Full Screen Ads: $50/month or $500 annually
  • Discounts on Package Deals

We offer discounted package deals to advertisers wishing to select options from more than one of the options above. For instance, if an advertiser wishes to place an ad on the Jumbotron and on the TV system, that advertiser will get a reduced rate on the total of each of the options he or she selects.


  • Silver: advertise in any 2 of the options — 5% off total
  • Red: advertise in any 3 of the options — 10% off total
  • Blue: advertise in any 4 of the options — 15% off total
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